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Team Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.


Sam is a second generation member of the company, although a Canadian senior citizen, Sam is young at heart, and enjoys providing the the company with the utmost knowledge and experience, and our clients with outstanding satisfaction. Sam is an engineer, and is also the focal point of the business. Taking the business over from his late father some 37 years ago (1976), he has been passing on the knowledge and experience to his son, Sina Okhovat, since 1998. Sam enjoys reading Canadian Home Renovation magazines to stay current with the trends, and studies academic books to keep his knowledge up-to-date and precise. 


As a third generation member of the business, Sina keeps Canadian homeowners on their toes with his drive for the business, and his endless passion. Sina provides clients with creative & contemporary ideas. Sina has been part of the business since 1998, and takes pride in what he offers to people all across Southeast Ontario. Whether it be simple landscaping, or designing new interiors, Sina is passionate for the work he does, and offers the highest quality of service to his clients at a competitive price. Sina works with precision, and attention to detail in mind, always on the forefront of exceeding Canadian Standards for the renovation industry. With the quality of his service, Sina sets new standards for the industry. Although organic and contemporary in his work, Sina enjoys playing a traditional eastern musical instrument (Santoor).